WEG M series motors

WEG M series motors

Output : up to 50,000 kW ( up to 5000kW in WNT )

Poles :2P and above 

Frame :280 to 1600( IEC )( up to 710 in WNT )

Voltage :380 to 13,800 V 

Rotor :squirrel cage or slip – rings

Standard : IEC / NEMA 

Area : Safe and hazardous areas, including non-sparking (Exn), safety-enhancing (Exe), positive pressure ventilation (Exp), and dust (Ext)


Product Description: 

The good interchangeability of M series motors eliminates the cost of downtime for product replacement.

Under IEC standard, the motor casing of seat number from 280 to 500 can only be made of welded steel plate.

1, M series three-phase asynchronous motor protection grade has IP23, IP24(W), IP55(W), IP65(W)

2、The rotor is squirrel cage rotor or slip ring (wire-wound) rotor - fixed brush or automatic brush lifting

3、The bearings are oil-lubricated sliding bearings, grease-lubricated anti-friction bearings (with labyrinth seal), oil-lubricated anti-friction bearings.

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