The role and application areas of sliding bearings

Sliding bearings are used to support the shaft and bear the load on the shaft, usually made of wear-resistant materials. Metal composite sliding bearing, its structure has a metal bearing combination of two or more multi-layer metal layer, simple structure, small size, easy to manufacture, low cost, low noise, smooth operation, large bearing capacity; can adapt to a variety of different working media and environmental conditions, it is very common with people's life, production and scientific research work has a close relationship between the application of various sports organizations.  

There are many kinds of sliding bearings, and the use conditions and importance often vary greatly. Therefore the requirements for lubricants vary. According to the different sliding bearings to choose the appropriate lubricating material. In the sliding bearing surface if can form a lubricating film to separate the motion vice, the sliding shaft friction can be greatly reduced, because the motion vice surface is not in direct contact, so also to avoid wear.  

Sliding bearing load capacity, high rotary accuracy, lubricating film with anti-impact effect, so the lubricating film is widely used in engineering. The formation of lubricating film is the basic condition that sliding bearing can work normally, the factors that affect the formation of lubricating film are lubrication method; relative motion speed of the moving sub; physical properties of lubricant and roughness of the moving sub surface, etc. The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce the loss of friction power, reduce or prevent wear. It also plays a role in cooling and so on. Nowadays, lubricant lubrication is mostly used. The viscosity of grease is large, not easy to be lost from the bearing, and its bearing capacity is large.  

Sliding bearing as the basic parts of machinery, the application field is very wide, some of the high-end sliding bearing is mainly in the field of marine engineering equipment, energy engineering field, equipment manufacturing field and petrochemical field, its market demand mainly includes the host supporting demand and mechanical maintenance needs.  

Marine engineering equipment field: marine engineering equipment, a wide range of types, according to international practice can be divided into marine oil and gas resources development equipment, other marine resources development equipment and marine floating structures three categories. The main body is marine oil and gas resources development equipment, the main types of marine drilling platforms, floating production storage vessels, oil unloading vessels, lifting vessels, pipe-laying vessels, subsea trenching and burial vessels, diving operations vessels, etc..  

Among them, the ship stern bearing used to connect the main engine with the propeller is more often used plain bearing. The stern bearing plays the role of supporting the propeller shaft. When the shaft system is running, the vibration of the ship's stern and the uneven dynamic load on the propeller will cause the propeller shaft to vibrate in various forms, and the position of the stern bearing will also change under the action of the propeller shaft vibration at all times.  

The working conditions of the stern bearing are very bad, and its lubrication state will change under the vibration impact of the propeller shaft. The stern bearing is divided into two types: oil-lubricated and water-lubricated, and the oil-lubricated bearing uses white alloy as the material, while the water-lubricated bearing usually uses iron pearwood, laminate and hard rubber as the friction material.  

Energy engineering field: bearing is the key to energy engineering in the basic components, widely used in large wind power, hydropower, nuclear power units and other fields, directly determine the performance, level, quality and reliability of major equipment  

Equipment manufacturing field: China's bearing industry has been full of enthusiasm for the technological progress of manufacturing equipment. High-grade CNC machine tools as the basic manufacturing equipment for China's manufacturing industry and the national economy is of great strategic importance, high-end bearings for rotary spindle is the key to ensure the high-speed performance and accuracy of machine tools.  

Large machinery and equipment field: large machinery and equipment mainly include pumps, fans, compressors, metal rolling mills, gear boxes, coal mills and other general-purpose equipment and special equipment. Taking compressor as an example, high speed, low consumption and long life are the requirements for the sliding bearings of compressor and other typical petrochemical equipment. The current diameter range of sliding bearings of these equipment is 80-300mm and the speed is 0~1.5r/min.  

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