WEG HGF series motors

WEG HGF series motors

End cap material: cast iron FC-200

Suitable for oil-lubricated bearings and sliding bearings: mechanical seal;

Frequency: 60 Hz

Voltage: 380 ~ 6600 V

Insulation class: F (DT 80K)

Protection class: IP55

Installation: B3

Cooling method: TEFC IC411

Encloure material: cast iron FC-200



WEG's design base will be more compact, lighter, and take up more space than normal manufacturers, making it easier for customers to save cost and maintain.

1、H series high strength compact castings, low vibration, suitable for all kinds of special installation, M series steel plate production, can be customized according to customer needs.

2、The medium and high voltage motor adopts imported brand ISOVOLTA (Isovolta) insulation material and Huntsman's insulation paint, and increases the thickness by 60% compared with general motor manufacturers, which greatly extends the service life of the motor.

3、Using international famous brand bearings (SKF, FAG or NSK) and grease (Mobil, etc.), sliding bearings (Renk), which prolongs the bearing life.

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