TECO acquires Motovario S.p.A., Italy for Industry 4.0

    In order to enhance and optimize the competitiveness of TECO's products, the Board of Directors of TECO Motors approved the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Motovario S.p.A. on July 31 at a cost of 186 million euros, equivalent to 6.5 billion NTD. At the same time, TECO's global market layout has been strengthened and its revenue share in Europe has been increased, which has added another growth momentum to TECO's performance and brought significant revenue injection.

ABB AMD high-voltage explosion-proof motors support Amur gas processing plant project

In 2015, the year after the signing of the Russian-Chinese gas supply agreement, the Amur gas processing plant project was launched in Russia, located in the Svobodny district of the Amur region, about 200 km from Heihe, China, the source of the Russian-Chinese gas pipeline to the east. It will have an annual raw gas processing capacity of 42 billion cubic meters and will be able to deliver 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas to China every year.

The role and application areas of sliding bearings

Sliding bearings are used to support the shaft and bear the load on the shaft, usually made of wear-resistant materials. Metal composite sliding bearing, its structure has a metal bearing combination of two or more multi-layer metal layer, simple structure, small size, easy to manufacture, low cost, low noise, smooth operation, large bearing capacity; can adapt to a variety of different working media and environmental conditions, it is very common with people's life, production and scientific research work has a close relationship between the application of various sports organizations. 

Common fields of WEG motors

WEG is a globally recognized supplier of high performance motors for the offshore sector. with over 30,000 employees and a daily production of over 60,000 motors, WEG is one of the top three global suppliers of electric motors.

How to choose the correct speed reducer

In China, gearboxes have long been the focus of the machinery manufacturing industry. Especially in the chemical machinery industry, mixing and blending equipment has long been integrated with gear reducers. The automatic control of speed by helical gear reducer determines the production efficiency of the machine.

ABB to acquire Siemens low voltage NEMA motor business

ABB expands its low voltage NEMA motor portfolio to further establish itself as a leader in that segment

Delivers on ABB’s promise to expand into new markets and profitably grow market share

Established manufacturing operations in Mexico to support future growth

Acquisition expected to be margin accretive to the ABB Motion business within 24 months

ABB's full range of AMD high-voltage compact flameproof motors released

Did you know?

The motor is the main power source of all kinds of equipment in industrial enterprises.

is comparable to the heart of the equipment.

But it consumes 45% of the world's electricity!

​ Gear reducer transmission failure cause analysis

Gear reducer gear fracture is the most serious situation in the whole mechanical engineering, mainly including overload fracture, fatigue fracture and random fracture. In this case, the broken tooth is usually located at the root of the gear, and the broken tooth is usually flat and rough.

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