W60 Series three phase asynchronous Motor

W60 series three-phase asynchronous motor

Technical parameters

Power: 200~4500KW

Block number: IEC 355~560

Voltage: 2300~10000V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

cooling mode: IC01, IC611, C81W (WP-II, TEAAC, TEWAC)

Starting mode: DOL/VFD

Standard configuration: RTD(PT100) configured two per phase, RTD(PT100) configured one per bearing, space heater, 4140 alloy steel shaft, seat number 355~400: cast aluminum rotor, seat number 450~560: copper row rotor.


Product Description: 

Designed for a variety of industrial applications, the W60 series motors focus primarily on compressors, pumps, fans and other applications that guarantee high performance and reliability even under the most demanding operating conditions.The W60 motors are available in three different configurations, namely open self-cooling motors (IC611, WP-II), enclosed air-air cooled motors (IC611, TEACC) or air-water cooled motors (IC81W, TEWAC)

Optional configuration: hazardous area certification  

①ATEX/IECEx/INMETRO certification: Ex nA IIC T3 GC (non-sparking), Ex tc IIIB T125℃ Dc (dust explosion-proof), Ex tb IIIC T125℃ Db (dust explosion-proof)

②cCSAus certification: Class I, Zone 2, Groups B, C, D, T3; Class II, Zone 2, Groups F, G, T3C. differential pressure switch (air-cooled), water leak detector (water-cooled), acceleration vibration sensor (ball bearing), vibration preamplifier (plain bearing), etc.

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