High Voltage Ribbon Cooled Motors NXR Series and AXR Series

High Voltage Ribbon Cooled Motors NXR Series and AXR Series

Output power


100 - 1250 KW


Block number


IEC 355 -   450


Number of poles


2 - 12 poles

Shaft height 400   motors available with 10 or 12 poles




up to 11 500 V




50/60 Hz, VSD




IC411, IC416


Protection class


IP55 (optional   IP56, IP65, IP66)


Housing material


Cast iron


Motor type




Mounting type






 IEC (NEMA standard available for electrical   design)




ABB low voltage   inverters ACS800, ACS880

ABB medium   voltage inverters ACS1000, ACS2000


ABB High Voltage Ribbon Cooled Motors NXR series completes the complete range of ABB High Voltage Ribbon Cooled Motors for applications in various industries around the world


Featuring compact models, high power density, high reliability, low losses and easy maintenance, the NXR Series and AXR Series are a new generation of high-voltage tendon-cooled motors based on the success of the high-performance tendon-cooled motor HXR Series.

These tendon-cooled motors for a wide range of applications offer high power density, they are easy to set up and easy to maintain. Versions are also available for use with VSDs. The inverter-controlled motors mean higher efficiency and more precise process control, both for quadratic and constant torque load applications.

ABB tendon-cooled motors are available in the general-purpose N series (NXR) and the customized A series (AXR).

The general-purpose N-Series motors are based on a standardized design with high cost performance and short lead times, providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient operation and increased productivity, designed for applications that do not require a high degree of customization.

The Universal N Series complements the Customized A Series, which offers a high degree of design flexibility specifically for markets that require a high degree of customization based on precise customer needs.


Technical Parameters

Value proposition. 

Highest power density achievable with a rib-cooled design, small "body" for big "job"

High efficiency reduces operating costs

Robust, optimized chassis design minimizes motor vibration

Built-in maintainability features reduce downtime and shutdown costs

Compact size reduces overall equipment footprint

Interchangeable junction boxes reduce the need for spare motors

Optimized design for use with VSDs enables greater efficiency

Easy configuration of ABB condition monitoring systems

Industry-proven protection rating up to IP66 supports installation in harsh environments

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