AMD high voltage explosion-proof motors

AMD high voltage explosion-proof motors

Output power 160 - 8000 kW

Base number IEC 355 - 900 mm

Number of poles 2 - 18

Voltage LV - 13.2 kV

Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Protection class IP 55 as standard (higher protection class available on request)

Environment Zone 1 or Zone 2

Temperature class T1 - T4 (T5 temperature class available on request)

Installation type Vertical or horizontal

Cooling method IC411 or IC511

Bearing Rolling bearing or sliding bearing (oil mist lubrication system available on request)

Operating system Direct start or variable frequency drive



Equipment protection levels Gb for Zone 1 and Zone 2

ABB offers a full range of reliable, energy-efficient motors to the oil and gas industry. Products are designed with industrial drive designs and patented technologies that ensure longer uptime and reduced maintenance requirements. With our extensive industry experience and application knowledge, we are a trusted brand of motors for the oil and gas industry.

High-voltage explosion-proof motors can withstand the pressure of an internal explosion without causing damage to the casing and preventing the spread of flames to the outside.

ABB explosion-proof motors meet all national and international standards and requirements, including IEC, EN, ATEX and NEMA, and all high-voltage explosion-proof motors are designed to meet the demands of demanding process applications, including onshore and offshore, oil and gas pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants, floating production storage and offloading platforms, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants. The motors are capable of operating in harsh environments such as explosive atmospheres, extreme heat or cold, corrosive dust or humid environments.


Technical parameters

Equipment protection level Gb for Zone 1 and Zone 2


Customer value

Solutions designed according to customer requirements

High reliability for demanding process industries

Optimized solution with VSD power supply, no separate Ex certification required

Immediate start-up, no pre-ventilation required

Flexible electrical design, no power derating or "te" thermal limits

Long service life

Low cost of ownership

Ex motors with fully enclosed fan-cooled construction with Ex d IIB/IIC and Ex de IIB/IIC protection classes, certified according to EN / IEC 60079-1, conform to the requirements of ATEX 94/9/EC for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, i.e. IECEx scheme.

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