4-6 pole non-sparking type direct start synchronous motor

4-6 pole non-sparking type direct start synchronous motor

Protection type Ex nA

Output power :1 - 65 MW, 50 Hz

             2 700 - 74 000 HP, 60 Hz

Chassis type :710 - 1250 mm

Voltage rating :1 - 15 kV

Frequency: 50, 60 Hz or VSD

Protection class :IP23, IP54, IP55, IP56, IPW24

Cooling type :IC01, IC31, IC611, IC616, IC81W, IC86W

Motor type Block number :710 - 1250, 2 - 55 MW

Standards :IEC, NEMA, BS, VDE, CSA

Certification :According to ATEX Directive and IEC standards

GOST (Russia)

CSA (USA, Canada)

Other certifications on request


Equipment protection level Gc for Zone 1 and Zone 2

ABB offers a wide range of synchronous motors for variable and constant speed applications. Our motors are customized on the basis of standard designs to meet specific customer needs, application requirements and grid characteristics. Through the optimal use of active materials, ABB synchronous motors achieve high performance and good cost efficiency.


ABB synchronous motors have been sold worldwide for decades, delivering reliable performance in a wide range of applications. ABB synchronous motors are constantly upgraded in design and performance, incorporating new technologies and field experience, while always placing a high priority on safety and reliability. ABB's commitment to its customers goes far beyond the delivery of synchronous motors.

ABB supplies synchronous motors according to the Ex nA protection principle. ABB has extensive experience in the design of non-sparking synchronous motors to ensure their reliability and safety.


Customer value

High power

High torque


Power Factor Compensation High Availability

Low cost of ownership

Low losses


ABB synchronous motors are based on a proven design with high availability and reliability. The motors are designed to ensure a low cost of ownership. This means that major cost of ownership, losses and downtime over the entire motor life cycle have been minimized in the motor design. This concept has been proven and refined over a long period of application experience. 4-6 pole motors are designed with a robust convex rotor structure, which ensures superior machine dynamics in a wide range of applications.

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