WEG Zone 21 dust explosion-proof motors

WEG Zone 21 dust explosion-proof motors

Standard technical data

Protection class: IP66

Insulation class: F class

Temperature rise grade: Class B

Continuous working system:S1

Ambient temperature: 40℃, below 1000m above sea level

Remarks: IEC standard:61241-1,Zone 21(dust);Group II CENELEC standard:61241-1,Group II;Category 2 Zone 21(dust)


Product presentation: 

WEG WDIP (dust-proof motors) are safe and of high quality due to their special design and are suitable for work in hazardous areas - Zone 21 (grain production, cereals, powder coatings, polymers, etc.) In accordance with IEC standards, the motors guarantee reliability and safety in the presence of suspended conductive dust or surface accumulation (up to 5 mm).

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