WEG Ex d/Ex de Explosion Proof Motors

WEG Ex d/Ex de Explosion Proof Motors

Standard technical data

Protection class: IP55

Insulation grade: F grade

Temperature rise grade: B grade

Continuous working system:S1

Ambient temperature: 40℃, below 1000m above sea level

Note: IEC standard:Zone 1; Group IIB CENELEC standard:Group IIB; Category 2

Motors operating in Zone 1 can also operate in Zone 2, because the operating conditions in Zone 1 are more demanding than those in Zone 2. The same applies to Ex d and Ex de motors for Group IIA and Category3.


Product Description: 

In accordance with the high safety standards of WEG, these Ex motors are accurately designed and equipped with motor junction boxes that guarantee a tight connection to the motor, keeping possible hazards inside the motor and secured with high mechanical strength bolts.

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