NRV Worm Gear Reducer
NRV Worm Gear Reducer
  • NRV Worm Gear Reducer
  • NRV Worm Gear Reducer

NRV Worm Gear Reducer

Superior performance

Smooth transmission

Good sealing

Low noise

Small volume


Fast heat dissipation


Application scope

NRV worm gear reducer is widely used in automation industry, industrial robots, aerospace, CNC machine tools, metallurgy and mining, beer and beverage, environmental engineering, storage and logistics, plastic machinery, lifting and transportation, textile, food, ceramics and other fields.

Operating conditions

NRV worm gear reducer has good versatility and can be used with various mechanical equipment.

Larger transmission ratios can be achieved by single-stage transmissions. Most types of reducers have good self-locking capability, and mechanical equipment with braking requirements can save braking devices.

Worm gear teeth and worm gear teeth surface meshing friction loss is large, so the transmission efficiency should be lower than the gear transmission efficiency.

NRV worm gearboxes have high requirements for lubrication and cooling.

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