Permanent magnet motor

Permanent magnet motor

Output power 0 - 220 r/min, 220 r/min power range 12 - 1120 kW

0 - 300 r/min, 300 r/min power range 25 - 1600kW

0 - 430 r/min, 430 r/min power range 38 - 2240kW

0 - 600 r/min, 600 r/min power range 57 - 2500kW

Chassis number IEC 280 - 560

Housing material Cast iron/welded steel

Voltage Full voltage

Protection class IP 55

Cooling method air-cooled or liquid-cooled


The permanent magnet motor series extends the effective speed rating range of industry mainstays to 100 - 850 rpm, simplifying the drive system by eliminating the need to configure a reduction device. Designed for use with inverters, PM motors provide highly accurate speed control even without a speed sensor installed, as synchronous motors do not have rotor turndown.



Torque range from 1000 to 50 000 Nm

Structural design based on a standard induction motor

Rotor magnetization by means of permanent magnets

Fully enclosed IP 55 protection class

Air or liquid cooled    


Permanent magnet motor solutions can replace the most common drive systems available today.

Conventional AC motor, inverter and gearbox combinations

Conventional low-speed AC motors, typically 10-16 poles, or lower, combined with inverters

Inverter DC drive systems and gearbox combinations

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