How to choose the correct speed reducer

In China, gearboxes have long been the focus of the machinery manufacturing industry. Especially in the chemical machinery industry, mixing and blending equipment has long been integrated with gear reducers. The automatic control of speed by helical gear reducer determines the production efficiency of the machine.

        Gear reducer is a kind of precision machinery, in our country gear reducer is mainly four series, including F series, R series, S series and K series. Today we will give you a brief introduction to these four series of gearheads.

First,R series gear reducer

        R series I think is the most direct reducer, because its official full name is coaxial gear reducer. The biggest advantage of the coaxial reducer is easy installation, adaptability, reliability and durability, and high overload capacity. And the index of the R series gear reducer can be seen by looking at the number letter combination of the model number. We have a rule for the model naming of R series gear reducer, which is the basic type + digital model + reduction ratio + motor model (seat number) + motor pole number + installation orientation.

Second, F series parallel shaft reducer

        There are many basic types of parallel shaft reducer, which is a parallel shaft helical gear reducer with parallel shaft output. Parallel shaft is characterized by the modular design principle of unit structure, which greatly reduces the types of parts and inventory, and also greatly shortens the delivery period. The highly rigid cast iron case with tendons and gears are made of high quality alloy steel with carburized quenching and hardening treatment on the surface and ground teeth finishing, which provides smooth transmission, low noise, high load capacity, low temperature rise and long life. Suitable for high processing accuracy, but the disadvantage is the relatively high cost.

Third, K series bevel gear reducer

        K series is relatively more complex in structure, although the bevel gear is characterized by noise reduction, vibration damping, light weight, low cost, etc., which is conducive to improving the overall bearing capacity and tool life. However, the requirements for fitting with bevel gears are high, the situation is diverse, and the design and manufacturing cycle is long. Sometimes need to cooperate with custom spline hollow shaft, sometimes in the bottom foot need to have hollow shaft locking disk installation, sometimes need special design flange hollow shaft. Plus this basic type a little more, hollow shaft occupies most of. It is recommended that the urgent need to ship manufacturers do not choose.

Four, S series helical gear - turbo reducer

        S series reducer is the most technical of the four series. Helical gear-turbine reducer is also called right-angle reducer, with self-locking function. It is more automatic and can match different types of motors in 0.12KW to 22KW. Turbine is a rotating power machine that converts the energy of flowing work mass into mechanical work. Personally, I think the difficulty of processing and manufacturing process of S series is similar to the above three series. But in the design link is really difficult, fortunately, Heng Ao Jia has a technical team composed of highly qualified and educated professionals, so that every customer order and demand are watered down.

        The use of gear reducer shall pay attention to: first of all, we must determine the use of the motor power is how big, pay attention to the safety of electricity, to avoid safety hazards. Then if you have the conditions can check the national standards or design manual, in the connection of mixing equipment to choose the appropriate flange. Enhance the sealing of the machine, one to enhance the life of machinery and equipment, the second to reduce the occurrence of production accidents.

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